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TioTeo in Germany
TioTeo in Germany



ElTioTeo (one-man company) was born in Granada in 2011, this show was premiered in 2013 and passed through more than twenty festivals, winning some awards.


I am Teodoro Fernàndez, i started in the circus and performing arts in 2006 as a juggler in different events and festivals.In this point I took the most important decision of my life, devote myself to the Circus Arts. 

Artistic formation:


- Clown with Christophe Tellier,  Fanny Giraud and Nezdames Cíe.

-Stages and workshops of handstand (Lido,Toulouse)

-Circus School in 2010-2012 (CAU Granada )

-School of clown in 2008-2009 (Estupendos Estupidos Clown School)

Artistic experience

-Since 2012, I am playing with my show in different festivals and streets in the world.

-2011, I worked as an actor and juggler with the company "El Laboratorio Teatro", Granada.

--2009, we founded Trampolin del Sur Company and the show Circo Balkanico.

-2006-2009 juggler in events with IlusionarT, CLGranada...


The "street" was another of my great schools, I'm learning every day, right now street performing is still one of the best experiences of my life.

     I'm currently living between Granada, Toulouse an Barcelona collaborating with different groups of circus,  Estreyarte, Dílar, Grainerie and Lido, Toulouse (training), Mix-art, Toulouse (artistic residence 2014), El Arte del Payaso (Barcelona).